A New Era of LMD

Since 1989, Late Model Digest has been the source for recaps of pavement Late Model racing across the United States and into Canada, plus features which won’t be found anywhere else. For 29 years the format of LMD has been as a bi-weekly newspaper, with the motto “the newspaper that thinks it’s a magazine.”

Times change in media as well as motorsports. For several reasons, primarily the slow and/or undependable mail delivery in many areas, Late Model Digest relaunched in June as an online magazine. It still has the same structure as the LMD you recognize, but now it’s available through a link which arrives in the email boxes of subscribers and supporters. One click leads to a full issue, and a few more clicks can allow you to flip through the pages and zoom closer to make the stories more readable. You can also print desired pages. And at last, every photo and advertisement will be in full color!

Existing subscribers will have their subscriptions extended by approximately 25 percent for staying with us through this transition. New subscribers can take advantage of a promotional rate, where the normal annual rate of $30 now can get you 30 issues, which covers about 15 months.

The premier online issue, which was completed May 31, is free to everyone. Just copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://online.pubhtml5.com/fpdm/hkzf/

It features coverage and features from the second annual Short Track U.S. Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway, plus insights from Kalamazoo Speedway twin special-event winner Jeff Ganus, Coastal 200 dominator Ben Ashline, California racer and social media expert Matt Goodwin, Florida big-name brother Brian Dorer, Northwest second-generation driver Jan Evans and more.

In the next few weeks we’ll include galleries from our excellent group of contributing photographers, preview some upcoming special events, and add to this site one of LMD’s longtime popular features, the Scoreboard presented by AP Racing and Essex Parts Services.

We hope you enjoy – and believe you will enjoy – the new online era of Late Model Digest!

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