“Experience” and a decision

IMG_9541- 2018_08_04 -FSN-RC.JPG

Hello again, LMD Universe!

Sometimes the choice on whom to put on the cover is an easy one. If the two-week period covered in an issue contains a marquee event such as the Snowball Derby or the Short Track U.S. Nationals, that winner will almost certainly catch a part of Page 1. If there isn’t a standout race, or if that winner has already been on the cover once or more in recent months (hello, Casey Roderick).

In the period from July 25 to August 6, the most important stories in Late Model racing appeared to be Brandon Setzer’s bounce-back from suspension and CARS Super Late Model win at Hickory NC and also J.R. Roahrig’s second Summer Sizzler triumph at New Paris IN. But we went a different direction this time. When 70-year-old Conrad Morgan won in Wisconsin and 61-year-old Sterling Marlin (pictured; Rich Corbett/ Left Turn Media) won at Nashville on the same weekend, we had to go with the old guys.

We hope you enjoy the cover, the photos and reports of Marlin and Morgan on the inside, and the other 40-plus pages of stories and features in the new issue, dated August 9. Among the special-importance topics this time are the PASS North touring stars and Maine weekly warriors preparing for the Oxford 250 in about two weeks, plus details on four specials and two returning veterans in the Northwest. And the Roahrig 1-2 at the Sizzler wasn’t the only interesting father-son sweep.

It’s back to work this weekend and next week for us. Have a good one, especially if you’ll be at the track!

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