Memorial Day binge

Hello! We hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend. There’s plenty of racing over the holiday, but please remember the reason for the season, so to speak.

Plenty of families have people who never returned home from their time in the service. (And remember that the day to honor living veterans is in November, and the day set aside for honoring those on active duty was about two weeks ago.)

For some, a favorite activity on Memorial Day is binge-watching TV shows. Several channels have marathons of popular shows (or war movies).

Well, here’s another type of marathon which you can enjoy anytime. Here are the links to the 10 issues of Late Model Digest from 2021. Enjoy, especially if you’ve missed one. The next one is scheduled for release June 11; look for it that evening on the LMD Facebook page or get on our email list.

LMD 33-01 (1/22/21):

LMD 33-02 (2/05/21):

LMD 33-03 (2/19/21):

LMD 33-04 (3/05/21):

LMD 33-05 (3/19/21):

LMD 33-06 (4/02/21):

LMD 33-07 (4/16/21):

LMD 33-08 (4/30/21):

LMD 33-09 (5/14/21):

LMD 33-10 (5/28/21):

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