A Badger State Boo-Boo

Hello again from a slightly embarrassed editor!

The most recent issue of Late Model Digest, sent to subscribers last Thursday (July 26), had two stories mistakenly left out. Both were from Dells Raceway Park in Wisconsin: the CWRA doubleheader from July 21 and a larger-than-expected Super Late Model special from one week earlier.

We hope you can read those stories here. Just click on the links.

We apologize for the error. Thanks again for your support of LMD!



A Little Rain Must Fall


     Yeah, there has been plenty of this going around. This photo was taken after a brief practice session for the ARCA Racing Series last Saturday at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Mich. (Rich Corbett/Left Turn Media). At nearby Kalamazoo Speedway, half of the scheduled Friday events so far this year have been rained out. And one of the biggest Late Model Stock Car races in the mid-Atlantic states, Hampton Heat at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va., was called off because of weather; hopefully the August 18 makeup date doesn’t conflict with too many racers’ schedules.
     We were planning on seeing Hampton Heat, but actually having a couple of rainouts on the docket nationwide might have been a bit of a blessing for us. We were on a family vacation, and for five days on a cruise ship, work wasn’t a concern. Then the workload was hot and heavy until this morning trying to get caught up, although that workload was lessened a little with a few postponements.
     Fortunately most of those postponements were called well enough in advance to keep most of the racers from trekking to racetracks just to watch the rain. And two racers in the upper Midwest, whose exploits are covered in the latest issue of Late Model Digest, redirected their team haulers to other races and wound up taking checkered flags and ending long victory droughts (both at Wisconsin Dells).
     We wish all of you a happy (and on race weekends, dry) remainder of the season.
                                             Thank you for your support!

Happy Holiday, Probably Because it’s Over


Whew! That’s the feeling at Late Model Digest after the issue which covers the Independence Day period has been completed. (All things considered, we’re doing better than Michael Ostdiek was before he climbed out of this ARCA Midwest Tour car at Rockford; this photo also appears on the Contents page.) Anyway, subscribers have the links in their email boxes now.

Whether you’re a driver, crew member, official, sponsor or fan, we hope your racing season is going well. We know it’s going well for the roughly 20 race winners and a handful of other racers whom we contacted to put together the most recent issue, dated July 12. This list includes Preston Peltier, who won the Summer Showdown at Evergreen Speedway in Washington, and Peyton Sellers, who triumphed in the Thunder Road Harley-Davidson 200 at South Boston Speedway in Virginia. The issue has stories from events in 16 different states plus profiles of racers from a few more locations.

We will have some big things brewing at LMD starting around Labor Day. First we have to recover, so to speak, from the last big holiday. 

Thank you for your support of LMD!

Still Striving for Our Independence … From Paper and the USPS


     This photo shows one of the tasks we’ve performed in the last few weeks, since the switch to a digital format for Late Model Digest. Actually, if you’ve seen one or more of the three issues on your computer, mobile device or other screen, you probably haven’t seen one of these letters, because we already had your email address. But there were more than 200 subscribers for whom we had no email address or phone number, so we had to use the ol’ postal service one more time to reach out to them.
      So far, among those with email access, the response for the new format of LMD has been positive. A few still have had trouble opening the digital files and we’ve attempted to help them. For some we’ve had to send the links separately from the mass emailing to subscribers, but that has been no problem. We hope you’re enjoying the new format, which is more timely and now in full color.
       The latest issue, which was completed June 28, told tales of three last-lap passes for victories in major events: Reid Lanpher against Eddie MacDonald in the New England Short Track Showdown, Dalton Zehr against Mike Lichtfeld in the Dick Trickle 99 at Wisconsin Dells, and Augie Grill against John Bolen in the latest Pro Late Model race at Montgomery. We also had a tale of brotherly love at South Bend, Ind., a track’s grand reopening at Roseville, Calif., a returning engine builder powering a standout multi-car team from Virginia, and a winning streak ending in the newly-renamed Gripp Energy Limited Late Model Series. The issue also contained two female first-time winners, three pages of outlaw-bodied Late Model stories and four full pages from tracks in Wisconsin (five if you count Georgia teenager Chandler Smith’s breakthrough ARCA victory at Madison).
      We will be in and out of the office through mid-August. If you call the LMD office (706-677-1017) and no one answers or returns your call within a few hours, then please email jimcarsonLMD@gmail.com or contact us through our Facebook page.
     Thank you for your support. Enjoy your time at the racetrack!


A New Era of LMD

Since 1989, Late Model Digest has been the source for recaps of pavement Late Model racing across the United States and into Canada, plus features which won’t be found anywhere else. For 29 years the format of LMD has been as a bi-weekly newspaper, with the motto “the newspaper that thinks it’s a magazine.”

Times change in media as well as motorsports. For several reasons, primarily the slow and/or undependable mail delivery in many areas, Late Model Digest relaunched in June as an online magazine. It still has the same structure as the LMD you recognize, but now it’s available through a link which arrives in the email boxes of subscribers and supporters. One click leads to a full issue, and a few more clicks can allow you to flip through the pages and zoom closer to make the stories more readable. You can also print desired pages. And at last, every photo and advertisement will be in full color!

Existing subscribers will have their subscriptions extended by approximately 25 percent for staying with us through this transition. New subscribers can take advantage of a promotional rate, where the normal annual rate of $30 now can get you 30 issues, which covers about 15 months.

The premier online issue, which was completed May 31, is free to everyone. Just copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://online.pubhtml5.com/fpdm/hkzf/

It features coverage and features from the second annual Short Track U.S. Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway, plus insights from Kalamazoo Speedway twin special-event winner Jeff Ganus, Coastal 200 dominator Ben Ashline, California racer and social media expert Matt Goodwin, Florida big-name brother Brian Dorer, Northwest second-generation driver Jan Evans and more.

In the next few weeks we’ll include galleries from our excellent group of contributing photographers, preview some upcoming special events, and add to this site one of LMD’s longtime popular features, the Scoreboard presented by AP Racing and Essex Parts Services.

We hope you enjoy – and believe you will enjoy – the new online era of Late Model Digest!